Secretary/ Treasurer

Linda Loughrey

61 Eggler Rd. Spur

Jeffersonville, NY 12748

845 798 7992


NYC DEP Watershed Chair

Fish Stocking Chair

Harold Buley

845 985 2813

In Loving Memory of Kay Danchak 

      September 29, 1946 - February 19, 2018


Annual Banquet Chair Coyote Contest Chair

Sportsman of the Year Chair

Jack Danchak

122 Jaketown Rd

Swan Lake, NY 12783

845 482 4987


Conservation Ed Chair

Keith Krauss

845 932 8923


Gary Muthig

   Delegate NYS 

   Conservation Council     845-292-4787

Small Game Chairman

Hank Samyn

Habitat Improvement

Fred Bosch

Vice President

Big Game Chair

NRA & Pro Hunting

John Van Etten

522 North Main

Liberty, NY 12754

845 292 8375

Coyote Weigh-In Chair

Mark Puerschner 

Liane Danchak with her 2018 buck.


Bill Gaudette

        2019 Sportswoman of the Year - Linda Loughrey

Chestnut Tree Committee Chair

Susan Otto

Scholarship Committee


Twila Herbert

Sportsman Ed Chair

Youth Ice Fishing Chair

NYS Conservation Council

Carl Lindsley